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Nuove opportunità dal Mediterraneo.

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Dolphin rides the wave that in transparent covers the entire Mediterranean see.
Since ancient times dolphins are credited as the animals of superior intelligence, what has placed them at the center of cults, myths and representations

It is a private association that deals with developing forms of social and economic cohesion, economic policy, integration policy and institutional evolution of the populations and the countries of the Mediterranean area.

That space, though very diverse in many respects, however, is joined by a complex system of relationships, rooted historically, never stopped in time, constantly renewed in their mode.

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is the community of the identities.
His aim is:
.: to allow sustainable job and social security
• to recover the single individuality as not
--divisible uniqueness
.: to address sources inside a geographic and
human contest one's again responsible for a
possible change

combines "to be with to do".

Art and art of life belong to us.
Each province and territory should be able to identify opportunities and operate full independently from the rest of the territory, to ensure work and high future quality life for its inhabitants inside a compatible community, in terms of rules and sustainable relationships.

Mankind Mithos were born in Mediterraneo. SISIFO is our hero.
With high superficiality, the rest of the world for longtime has limited lands and peoples of Mediterraneo areas in a mythological past, as a kind of archaeological garden, building on the sand a blinded present for an unpredictable and impossible future.

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