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Nuove opportunità dal Mediterraneo.

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1. In situ vocational schools and targeted to specific local conditions.
2. University of the northern Mediterranean as Spain, as Italy with the addition of Turkey, particularly easier to accept students from all areas of the rest of thMediterranean.

Working area
1. census
2. features
3. Level of education
4. Methods and possibilities' starter
5. attitudes
6. availability

Energy sources
1. Mineral-fossil
2. wind
3. solar
4. hydro electric

Infrastructure / transport
• Maritime links concerted.
• Concerted Activity port.
• Concerted terrestrial links.
• Connecting flights concerted

1. Enhancement of spontaneous and indigenous cultures.
2. Consultation of specialized crops.
3. Irrigation policy coordination

1. Consultation activities and fishing techniques.
2. Standards and agreed to the mutual use of resources, their control and recovery.
3. Environmental controls agreed.

• Production and primary transformation
- Steel / aluminum / copper / glass / concrete
- Petrochemical new generation
- textile
- food
- fish
- Biorefineries fueled by renewable sources

• Activities' production of finished products and technologies, infrastructures and
- Shipbuilding - engineering, construction and transport
- Technologies and infrastructure for wind and solar
- paper
- Machines and equipment for industrial production
- Environment / technology
- Irrigation and hydraulic technology in general
- Food for the consumer
- Chemical processing of raw materials from renewable sources
- Cosmetic alternative (from natural)
- Alternatively pharmacology (from natural)
- Clothing and footwear
- Technologies for tourist facilities
- Concerted technologies: sea and mountains
- Leather and leather: manufacture and technology
- Furniture and building extra brick

• Policies and non-competitive concerted

Commercial activity
1. Agreed and specialized fairs
2. Rules and regulations agreed
3. Preferential agreements for the Mediterranean countries

Economic / financial structures
• Banks choices / accredited / guarantors
• Procedure and well-defined rules
• Changes in well-controlled standards, specifications and standards
• Creation of standards, specifications and standards directly relevant to the
Mediterranean reality.


In the context of the New Economy and Homogeneous territory in terms of Traditions and Excellences, a diagonal organization is operating that is able to lower the center of gravity for operations and decisions.
For each Administration of Company, Social Activities, Culture, Services, is present an organization effective in delivering concrete supports for Development and Labor.
Protection for the environment and the person.
Guarantees of Social Assistance and Job/Work replacement.

Governance Template
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